Outlook Woes!

Well my first run in with an issue on Ubuntu was trying to use Evolution as my outlook replacement. The migration wizard I mention earlier about importing my desktop setting ended up capturing only my pop3 email accounts which I no longer use. I had to manually delete those and create a email account for the exchange server I use.

So this is where my problem began…

Partially my fault since I was in a rush to set it up late yesterday, I was a little confused on why the MS Exchange connector had to use the Outlook Web Access. I couldn’t get the secure connection setting to stick,  I finally realized that I needed a SSL connection string. Our campus doesn’t use a SSL connection for their hyperlink – so I forced it by using a https in the URL.

Well after a day of working on other things and returning to my Ubuntu install  – I think I’ve got the Evolution set up to where I’m comfortable with it. I still find it odd how it considers my exchange account as personal folder. Take a look for yourself.

Evolution Woes!

I’m gonna sort out a few more things I’ll need but I need to make a list. I’m going try to accomplish this without adding any more software repositories or using Automatix till later on for those folks who want to stick to vanilla install sources.

I’m off to a conference. See you tomorrow.



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