Dell 1710 Saga continues…Chapter 2: alien & dpkg

Chapter 2: Alien – From rpm to deb

Well, I decided to try my hand at converting the Dell driver via Alien as David suggested. Using the Synaptic Package manager under System > Administration. I was able to search for Alien which came up with a description of Install non-native packages with dpkg and a version of 8.65. That was quite painless in installing Alien, just mark it for install and choose OK to install the dependencies and your off.

So the interesting part came next. After installing Alien, I realized that this tool had to be accessed via the Terminal. If your not familiar with DOS, it might be daunting. Here are a synopsis of the commands I had to use in the terminal to get the dell redhat driver package converted to a debian one.

# this command converts the Dell Redhat package to a Debian one using Alien

sudo alien -d -c print-drivers-linux-glibc2-x86.rpm

drivers-dellprtdrv_5.3.1-2_i386.deb generated

#This command relists the directory showing the newly created debian file
drivers-dellprtdrv_5.3.1-2_i386.deb print-drivers-linux-glibc2-x86.rpm

#This command installs the debian package using dpkg
sudo dpkg -i drivers-dellprtdrv_5.3.1-2_i386.deb
Selecting previously deselected package drivers-dellprtdrv.
(Reading database … 93420 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking drivers-dellprtdrv (from drivers-dellprtdrv_5.3.1-2_i386.deb) …

Installing DELLPrtDrv …
Please remember to review the license agreement before
using this software.
Setting up drivers-dellprtdrv (5.3.1-2) …
— Updating symbolic links

Dell Print Drivers is installed.

You must run the following scripts to complete the installation.

# /usr/local/dell/setup.dellprint

# This command runs the install setup for the Dell printer drivers
sudo /usr/local/dell/setup.dellprint
Dell Print Drivers Setup Script

This application is a suid root program, which allows the
root user or members of the administrative group to have
administrative privileges. These privileges include adding,
removing, and modifying printer queues.

To set the administrative group, select any valid group that
is listed in /etc/group file.

Enter an administrative group or press
to use the default (bin):

Checking your spool directories:

creating /var/spool/dell … OK
creating /var/spool/dell/unix_prt_drivers … OK
creating /var/spool/dell/unix_prt_drivers/.dellprint … OK
creating /var/spool/dell/unix_prt_drivers/.dellprint/props … OK
creating /var/spool/dell/unix_prt_drivers/vir_devices … OK
creating /var/spool/dell/unix_prt_drivers/vir_queues … OK

Setting PDD permissions… Done


Dell Print Drivers Help System consists of html files.
To be able to view these html help files, we need the
absolute path to a valid “Web Browser”.

1. /usr/bin/mozilla
2. /usr/X11R6/bin/mozilla
3. /usr/bin/firefox
4. Specify a web browser.
5. None.

#I choose Firefox
Enter your choice : [5] 3

Setting up Dell Print Drivers to use /usr/bin/firefox.
Default paper size selection.

1. Letter (default)
2. A4
#Depends on your needs / local
Enter your choice : [1] 1
Asian Driver Support

Enabling Asian Driver support provides users with additional Asian
printing options, such as printing with and without the Asian Font
Dimm. You can access these features from the driver properties
font tab.

In-order to take advantage of these features, you must enable this
option and create a printer queue with Asian in the model name.

Do you want to enable Asian driver support?

1. Disable (default)
2. Enable
#Depends on your needs
Enter your choice : [1] 1

Dell GNOME Menu Utility

1. Install Dell applications into the GNOME Menu.
2. Remove Dell applications from the GNOME Menu.
3. Exit.
#I installed the Dell Application in the GNOME Menu
Enter your choice : [3] 1
GNOME’s Menu [ System Tools ] has been updated.
You may need to restart GNOME for changes to take effect.
Configuring this application to use the [ CUPSD ] print subsystem.
The Common UNIX Print Subsystem (CUPS) uses mime.types to determine
how to filter print jobs. One of the mime types is defined as
[ application/vnd.cups-raw ], which causes PCL print jobs to by-pass
the print filters. This define needs to be commented out so that PCL
print jobs are passed through the print filters.

Would you like for us to make this change? (y|n) : [y]

In-order for this change to occur, we need to restart CUPS.
Restart CUPS now (y|n)? : [y]
* Restarting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd [ OK ]

Debian GNU/Linux Distribution.

Setup complete!

My next chapter will cover how well the Dell driver worked.



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