Keeping score: Ubuntu vs Windows – Round 1

Well so far Ubuntu hasn’t been scoring so well when it comes to printing. Actually, all the work I did for the Dell driver is above and beyond what the average joe user is capable of doing. So I’ve decided to try keep things fair and try to keep it as easy as applying K.I.S.S whenever possible in the future. There might be times I will digress from using K.I.S.S., but I’m a geek at heart.

Using a alternative driver isn’t always the best solution since I’m missing out on the features I paid for (the printer), but considering I didn’t have to pay for the OS, it’s a bit of a stalemate.

So printing is way more easier in Windows and is better supported. One point for Microsoft. Theres still plenty of room for Ubuntu to even the score.

Update: I would say that the DVD software evened the score between the two. I originally wrote this the other day – I forgot to post it. Sorry about the out of order sequence – Anyone know how to move the post order around in WordPress?



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