Microsoft Surface vs. Perspective Pixel’s Multi-touch (Jeff Han)

I was looking at and saw this post about Bill Gates who revealed MS Surface on the Today Show – which is an interactive screen technology. I’ve also seen Jeff Han’s Multi-touch system which has been shown on various websites. Between the two, Microsoft’s product seems to be more refined but considering the resources it has, it’s not a fair comparison. I’m wondering really who was the first to create the working technology though they differ. I really like Jeff Han’s Multi-Touch technology considering that the solution is using an actual flat panel display as we see a small version to a very huge screen being used by actual people. MS surface relies on cameras which might have other limitations. I’ve played with a limited demo at the Microsoft Office 2007 launch event. It was a comprised of a projector on a scaffold and several cameras mounted on it, facing a large screen which allows it to be interactive on the projected surface. I personally didn’t like having my shadow being cast upon it. The MS Surface video showed a enclosed cabinet with projector running in reverse from what I can tell – so perhaps a larger scale enclosure like a rear projection TV.

Have a look at both MS Surface and Jeff Han’s Multi-Touch system and decide for yourself.

Microsoft Surface Official Website with Videos

Here are a few links to Jeff Han’s presentations from TED and his company – Pixel Perspectives. If you look at the demo screen carefully – the OS looks like some sort of Linux running the Gnome desktop.




Update: 6/12/07 – There’s been a lot of traffic on this post – you might want to check out my post about MS Surface and Reactrix also. The system from Reactrix has been around for a long while and it’s technical design is almost the same.



5 Responses to “Microsoft Surface vs. Perspective Pixel’s Multi-touch (Jeff Han)”

  1. jmdz Says:

    I really do think that this technology is from the 80’s up until now where Corporation such as MS., and others are influential on the current market (so it is market feasible due to huge influence of MS on the market)., but i like Mr. Hans presentation., better than ahemm.. Mr. Gates., but to think about this technology it is more usefull than the mouse back at Xerox Laboratories (80’s). One thing if this technology sells in about 5-10 yrs, I don’t want to really think about it, cause it might replace all the common desktop peripherals / IO devices into this one.

  2. dhashi Says:

    Hi jmdz,

    In Jeff Han’s presentation, he hinted that the technology will be available within a years time at some level. Considering the recent news about a very visual interface the new Apple OS is going to have, might make you start to wonder if they’ll be the first to have a multi-touch laptop, or WideScreen LCD replace for their desktop. Though I shiver at the thought of having to buy a lot of screen wipes 😛


  3. ShuB Says:

    I thought Microsoft is using Perspective Pixels Technology for MS Surface… right?

    – ShuB

  4. dhashi Says:

    I think their solution is different, I’ll have to look into that a little more and get back to you…

  5. solarbus Says:

    I believe the surface is using perspective pixels screen technology and adding the cameras for surface recognition. Ialso believe the I-phone is using the same touch screen as perspective pixels. It would make business sense to get cash by selling smaller and niche uses for the two big computer company’s. Then perspective pixels can produce there own version of the technology. Wallpaper. and usable screens for the rest of us.

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