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Is the Web OS really next generation?

June 20, 2007


I stumbled upon this post and have to put in my two cents on the matter of an web os being the next generation. It’s been talked about back during the dotcom days (1999) and it never really got off the ground due to the so-so user experience and of course the “Dot-Com Bubble”. As an ex-avid user of the now extinct – – despite it’s impressive capabilities at the time, it was far from being comparable to an OS. There were also other online OS’s but they very similar in experience. If your curious what MID was about check out this shell of what it use to be.

Now, I have to admit that new technologies might change what we see in the very near future, but I think the responsiveness and the rich experience of an actual OS will remain dominant for quite a while. I think the Steve Job & Gates interview during the All Things D is a good example. Steve Jobs noted that the Google Maps application on the iPhone blew away the Google folks when they used it on a more rich client. I agree that rich clients using web services like Steve Jobs stated is definitely the way things are going to go.

Another thing is how we are going to interact with computers or devices will be changing, as we see at home with the Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone, the post-pc device and in industry – Jeff Hans Multi-touch, Microsoft Surface. I think this emerging level of experience can’t be replaced by any browser.

Ok, I got that off my chest.



Ubuntu Gusty Features Finalized!

June 19, 2007


A post by rulus on where the feature list for Gusty has been finalized and announced by Scott James Remnant –
Ubuntu Development Manager on the Ubuntu-devel-announce maillist. Check out the release schedule here too.


Vote for a Dell Ubuntu Commerical!

June 19, 2007


Another post from Digg by AndyMeows

There’s a poll on Dell’s Ideastorm website for a Dell Ubuntu commerical. Please Vote for one!


See the Ubuntu Community via Ubuntu Live Stats in Real-Time!

June 18, 2007

Ubuntu Live Stats

I found great post from about Ubuntu Live Stats posted by Vinvin that allows you to see whats happening in the World of Ubuntu in real-time. Also check out Vinvin’s Blogsite – he’s got a How-To on getting Ubuntu Feisty to run off a USB memory stick.

I still have to try it out myself – I gotta find a time today to do so. I keep misplacing my Feisty iso.


Virtualbox 1.4.0 on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn: Installing an OS!

June 17, 2007

Virtualbox Logo

So lets pick up where we left off. I’m gonna digress from using Ubuntu today because I don’t have an Ubuntu .iso on hand. Instead today, I will be using a Slax distro I have handy.

So in order to start I realized that it is easier to have Virtualbox run under using sudo. So from a terminal launch Virtualbox with the following command. You will need to enter a password.

sudo VirtualBox

VirtualBox should start up like before.

VB welcome

Now click on New to start the OS install wizard.

VB OS setup 1

Proceed by clicking Next.

VB OS setup 2

Here you want to give your Guest OS a friendly name and select the type of OS it is. Note the long list of potential Guest OS’s. Click Next to continue.

VB OS setup 3

Next you can set how much of your free memory you want to use on the OS. I recommend at least 512 MB if you can spare it. Keep in mind your Host OS needs at least 512 MB most likely to run fairly smooth. So if you have GB of memory installed, then I would suggest 512MB for the Guest OS using the slider bar in order to have a decent experience level.

VB OS setup 4

Next we need to create to a virtual drive – this will launch a new wizard to setup the drive itself.

VB OS setup 5

Click on Next to continue.

VB OS setup 6

You have a choice of dynamically growing virtual drive – I find this nice if you don’t want to preallocate all the space for the drive in advance – the downside is less performance. If you set a static drive – you’ll have a better OS experience.

VB OS setup 7

Now give the new virtual drive a friendly name and select how much space you want to specify for it. Click next to continue.

VB OS setup 8

Click Finish to finalize the virtual drive wizard.

VB OS setup 9

Now you can see your newly created drive selected – Click on Next to continue with the install.

VB OS setup 10

This will give you an overview of your choices and finalizes the setup of the new Guest OS. Back on the main screen select the newly created OS in the list and click on the CD/DVD-ROM link on the right side menu.

VB OS setup 12

Select the checkbox to activate your CD-ROM to be mounted in the virtual guest OS.

VB OS setup 13

Click on Ok to return to the main screen and click on Start on the top menu to launch your Guest OS.

VB OS setup 11

Read the message which informs you on how to jump the mouse out of the Guest OS screen (Right Ctrl button). Just click Ok to this message.

VB OS setup 14

The First Run Wizard runs – continue by clicking on Next.

VB OS setup 15

Select your choice of Media choice for install – I chose CD-ROM. Click Next to continue.

VB OS setup 16

Click finish. Now I booted off a bootable Slax Distro of Backtrack (Penetration Testing Toolkit).

Here is Backtrack starting up and loading in the next few screens. Just for any other OS, just load and install if it was a regular OS install.

VB OS setup 17VB OS setup 18

I hope this quick overview helps.