Ubuntu Sharingan in my Eye!

Color Edition

Sharingan Ubuntu

B/W Edition

Sharingan Ubuntu B/W

Ok – Maybe I got a little bored tonight while tried to play with the Gimp Image Editor and I also forgot to post something today which I apologize. I was trying to look around for something easier to use to create screen captures and post them on youtube.com without any conversion. I also got stuck playing with Automatix and Virtualbox. Hint on what I might be touching in the coming week – plus a sneak peak at something else.

Anyways – so anyone care to try to guess who this eye belongs to? It’s a famous anime character.

Hint: Sharingan


10 Responses to “Ubuntu Sharingan in my Eye!”

  1. Loler Says:

    Oh my Godness! You’ve maked the useless sharingan into something powerfull!!!!

  2. Arturito - kun Says:

    Hahahahaha. That is really cool! 🙂

  3. onixdragon Says:


  4. Dane Says:

    Madara’s Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan looks most like the Ubuntu logo. I noticed the similarities a few months back and I laughed to find out someone actually had a bit of fun with it. Nice work. 😛

  5. Apin Says:

    It’s cool.

  6. Hyate100 Says:

    Hmm… it’s belongs to Madara maybe anyway it’s good… i mean cool 😀

  7. Phique sensei Says:

    Hatake Kakashi

  8. luis Says:

    a kakashi por el rasguño

    seria mas poderoso si aparte de usar el charingan instalara ubuntu en su ojo

  9. Unknown Says:

    No it’s not Belong To Madara.. I think it Belong to Kakashi Look at The scar in his Eye.. =)..

  10. nini Says:

    It’s Kakashi-sensei :D:D I totally love that anime –>Naruto :))

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