Beryl on a Dell Inspiron 710m running Ubuntu 7.04

These are instructions to get Beryl running specifically on a Dell 710m – your results may if you use different hardware. Proceed at your own risk.

Well, I’m going to try my hand at getting Beryl to work from packages you can download through the standard repositories, but first I needed to check what hardware I have in terms for graphics.

From a terminal, I tried these commands:


lspci | grep “VGA”


00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device (rev 02)


glxinfo | grep “direct rendering”


direct rendering: Yes
So I know I’ve got an Intel embedded GPU.

Before proceeding I would recommend adding the 915resolution package via the Synaptic Packager Manager at this point before proceeding and restarting if you haven’t done so yet to get the full resolution of the Dell 710m.

Next I opened the Synaptic Package Manager under System > Administration and did a search on Beryl. I choose to install the beryl-ubuntu and beryl-manager packages. All the required dependencies were selected automatically as shown:

Beryl synaptic

Beryl synaptic 2

Now that we have Beryl loaded – we need to have it turn on at startup. So under System > Preferences > Sessions – you will want to add the Beryl-Manager to the startup – please note this is Case Sensitive.

Beryl to Session 1

Type in beryl-manager under the command portion.

Beryl to Session 2

You might want to save the work you are doing and try restarting your computer at this point.

Beryl should launch at this point with a Ruby icon appearing in your panel at this point.

Beryl Manager

The desktop can be tweak and rotated. Example:

Spin Beryl

Please refer to the Beryl Desktop Manager instructions off their site to learn how use the settings.



One Response to “Beryl on a Dell Inspiron 710m running Ubuntu 7.04”

  1. Silentheero Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I thought my 855gm on my HP ze2000 was just not powerful enough until reading your post. Tried it and beryl _is_ worth all the attention. Just wish I try the water ripples 🙂 I am easily amused…

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