Automatix – Install on Feisty Ubuntu

Automatix Logo

Automatix is probably one of the best ways of getting your feet wet when using Ubuntu when starting off. It takes the pain out of getting things like burning and ripping tools, codecs and plugins, drivers, etc. to start working without a lot of know how. I have to admit though the disclaimer that appears before using Automatix is a bit daunting.

Automatix - warning

Installation is a fairly straight forward – just download the appropriate .deb package from their website. From there just install using the built-in package installer by just double clicking on the file. Once installed, Automatix will appear under Applications > System Tools > Automatix. Once you agree to their licensing, you’ll greeted by Automatix. This is where things can get dangerous, so don’t be tempted to install the AUD-DVD codecs, which can get you in trouble if you download them.

Automatix Screen

So far I’ve only used Automatix to install my ndiswrapper for wireless support – just point and click to install.

Automatix definitely makes Ubuntu much more enjoyable for a novice and also takes the hassle out for the someone who knows enough to be dangerous. I’m planning on using Automatix as a way of persuading others of giving Ubuntu Linux a try on our MS dominant campus. Hopefully – I’ll have a few converts soon.



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