EasyVmx.com – Online Vmware Virtual Drive Creation Tool

I was tinkering around trying to figure out a way to get vmware player 2.0 to install an OS of my choice and in googling for a solution, I stumbled upon this great little site on how to create a blank virtual using their online application. You get the option of using the site at three different levels of customization and just download the complete virtual os setting file and virtual drives premade in a small zip file. All you need to do is find a place to unzip them and off you go.

Here are some shots of the website’s creation wizard – I chose the EasyVMX option.

Easyvmx 1Easyvmx 2easyvmx 3easyvmx 4easyvmx 5easyvmx 6

I’ve already used this site to setup vmware 2.0 player to run Windows Vista, Longhorn Beta 3, Fedora Core 7, CentOS 5.0 and Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon 7.10.

I’m planning on trying this out on some virtualization our department is planning on rolling out in the near future. I’m sure my supervisor will like this nice little gem taking the guess work out.


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