Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon Alpha 1 via Vmware Player


Well after hours of waiting for my gusty-i386-desktop.iso to download I left for the weekend from work, upon my return I was quick to check to see if the download completed or not successfully. To my surprise it did and the media check passed without a hitch.

So instead of trying my hand at wreaking my new Ubuntu Studio install, I opted to try Vmware player 2.0 with it to run Gusty Gibbon. Yes, I know player might seem to be unable to create drives, but try using easyvmx.com which allows you to create virtual drives to install OSs on bypassing the player’s limitation. That will be another post to cover easyvmx.com.

I also tried using Virtualbox (can you see I was busy today) to run Gusty Gibbon, but I had some Gnome Desktop start up errors later caused issues restarting the install and froze my Virtualbox instance. After a few restarts it seemed to fix itself. I´m not sure if I trust this install, but it is an Alpha release – use at your own risk!

Well in terms of looks, Gibbon doesn’t seem all that different – Here are the Vmware shots:

Login Gusty

An updated Pidgin

Updated Accessibility

82 Updates for Gusty?

A few more that look similar but they´re running in Virtualbox

Virtualbox GustyGusty VirtualboxGusty on VB

There are a list of things that are new on the Ubuntu site for Gusty Gibbon. If you wanna read more about Gusty Gibbon try here!

Here’s a quick list

  • Gnome 2.19.2
  • Kernel 2.6.22-6.13
  • Desktop & Laptop : Heat and power management issues resolved – better wi-fi and usb support.
  • Virtualization : Paravirtualization support – better faster performance.
  • Better Driver support.
  • Better failure modes and bug reporting.
  • Massive merge with Debian.
  • Improved automatic codec search
  • Latest X.org
  • Cleaner bootup and login process.

Download the iso here.

I tried creating a screencast to place on youtube but I couldn´t get a clean video uploaded. I´ll try to post an link later in an update.



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