Dynamips – Cisco Router Emulator running on Ubuntu

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I’ve been procrastinating on updating my Cisco certification as I had let my CCNA slide into expiration. After 4 weeks of CCNP school at a local training center, I’m was ready to upgrade my cert to CCNP. Low and behold, I had to update my CCNA to accomplish that since it’s a requirement. Now months roll by as procrastinating sets in again, so now I’ve finally set a date to work on my CCNA again, I’ve already ran through the books once. I’m hoping to take the exam by mid july, but I need access to equipment, so it’s portable – meaning laptop access and something I could use in a lab environment – meaning sandbox. Using any production equipment is out of the question. So the answer was a simulator of some sort.

Cisco Equipment

As I searched on the Internet, I came across a few simulators out there. Boson, routersimulator, Cisco’s own, just nothing where I could get the software for next to nothing. So finally I stumbled upon dynamips – the Cisco 7200 simulator – it was project start back in August of 2005 – I’m don’t the guy’s name – but Thank You for making this happen.

Dynamips allows you to emulate a Cisco router on a PC and supports Cisco 3600 series (3620, 3640 and 3660), 3700 series (3725, 3745) and 2600 series (2610 to 2650XM, 2691 ) equipment. Now the catch is that you need to provide the software of the model Cisco router you wish to run or the IOS image file. Now if you already support Cisco equipment and have updated access to their software site no problem. For those who do not – better keep looking for another solution.

So just download the binary for your particular version of Linux or Windows (special requirements) from the site. I used the 32 bit linux version and follow the instructions. If you get lost you can either check out the authors blog site and post in the comments for help or check out the forums for assistance. My copy seems to run fine on my Feisty Ubuntu install, but I still need to figure out the dynamips configuration a bit more. Make sure you make plenty of memory, using up a lot memory is rather easy if you running multiple routers at the same time.

For myself this is the best solution I have found so far in terms of my needs, I just wish there was a fully functional switch emulator like dynamips that supports Cisco products.

Dynamips is actively being supported and there are frequent updates on the software adding features to support for newer hardware.

On a different note – for those of you who work in the academic realm – Your institution could qualify to have an Cisco Networking Academy – check out the site for more details.

Checkout this site to see how many academies there are around the world – http://www.academynetspace.com/



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