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Microsoft Surface vs. Perspective Pixel’s Multi-touch (Jeff Han)

May 30, 2007

I was looking at and saw this post about Bill Gates who revealed MS Surface on the Today Show – which is an interactive screen technology. I’ve also seen Jeff Han’s Multi-touch system which has been shown on various websites. Between the two, Microsoft’s product seems to be more refined but considering the resources it has, it’s not a fair comparison. I’m wondering really who was the first to create the working technology though they differ. I really like Jeff Han’s Multi-Touch technology considering that the solution is using an actual flat panel display as we see a small version to a very huge screen being used by actual people. MS surface relies on cameras which might have other limitations. I’ve played with a limited demo at the Microsoft Office 2007 launch event. It was a comprised of a projector on a scaffold and several cameras mounted on it, facing a large screen which allows it to be interactive on the projected surface. I personally didn’t like having my shadow being cast upon it. The MS Surface video showed a enclosed cabinet with projector running in reverse from what I can tell – so perhaps a larger scale enclosure like a rear projection TV.

Have a look at both MS Surface and Jeff Han’s Multi-Touch system and decide for yourself.

Microsoft Surface Official Website with Videos

Here are a few links to Jeff Han’s presentations from TED and his company – Pixel Perspectives. If you look at the demo screen carefully – the OS looks like some sort of Linux running the Gnome desktop.




Update: 6/12/07 – There’s been a lot of traffic on this post – you might want to check out my post about MS Surface and Reactrix also. The system from Reactrix has been around for a long while and it’s technical design is almost the same.