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Free Windows Server 2008 (previously known as Longhorn) Training

May 23, 2007

Being certifiable having all three MCSE certifications: 4.0, 2000,2003

It would be bad of me not to plug some Microsoft stuff espically when it’s free. Hey they gave me my start in IT, so I can’t say Windows is all that bad.

Looks like this is a limited time offer from Microsoft so I would jump on this as soon as possible – you need a hotmail account or msn passport in order sign up.

The training is provided by Microsoft’s E-Learning Program – there is also an offline viewer for the courseware if you want to download it.




Windows Vista the last 32bit OS from Microsoft

May 17, 2007

News about Vista being Microsoft last 32bit OS as posted on

So the rumors are true, well at least from what our local MS representative here at this University. The rep has been stating for a while that buying a 32bit platform for the long haul wasn’t a good idea. 32 bit is on it’s last leg, I just kept wondering about the applications that we support alone will be a big issue to deal with. Well, I guess we’ll need to get use to using a virtual environment for the next few years till our 32bit software becomes upgraded or obsolete.